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Costs / fees / discounts

Mediation — Generally, mediation costs $175 / hour per party. Substantial discounts, up to 50%, applied equally, are available for qualifying parties (such as students, emerging artists, and fledgling startups). Sliding-scale flat rates are also available, split equally by the parties. Once the parties have voluntarily agreed to mediation, let’s chat about cost / rate. For motivated parties that have taken the initiative to voluntarily agree to mediation, we can find a rate structure that works.

Dispute avoidance — Generally, dispute prevention guidance costs $225 / hour. Substantial discounts, up to 50%, are available for qualifying individuals and entities such as students, emerging artists, and fledging startups). Sliding-scale, by-the-project, and flat rates are also available. Here again, let’s chat and find a structure that works.

Payment via Check, Wire, Venmo, or Paypal at the time of mediation / service.

Mediation Logistics

  • Available for both lawsuits and disputes;

  • Occurs via phone (mix of shuttle diplomacy and conference calls); if parties agree and if it makes sense, email / video also possible;

  • Available after-hours to accommodate different time zones;

  • Does not require you to block out / lose an entire business day;

  • I speak with the parties before the mediation; while briefs aren’t required, they do make sense in some cases;

  • Each party signs a pre-mediation agreement confirming voluntary participation;

  • If an agreement is reached, I reduce the agreement to writing for the parties to sign; this contract makes the agreement enforceable;

  • Motivated parties can solve business disputes fast — how much time it takes, and how much it costs, is up to you.

Dispute Prevention Logistics

  • Initial consultation is free to see if it makes sense and is a good fit;

  • Occurs via phone. For example, I train your key people; they in turn train the rest of your team;

  • I speak with you to custom fit my methods to your needs;

  • Focus is on basic skills, issue-spotting, tactics, and strategy for prevention;

  • Focus is on the known assumptions, reactions, cognitive biases, and decision errors that most people make which in turn lead to disputes and lawsuits;

  • For particular disputes that are starting to emerge, I also provide practical (not legal) guidance in real-time, in response to your telephone calls.


Adam Wilson

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ABOUt Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson has mediated about 200 small commercial / financial / business disputes and lawsuits over the past decade from a base in Portland Maine. He now focuses on creative entrepreneurs including artists, creative startups, and other creative professionals.


In both one-on-one and multi-party contexts, he has also negotiated and informally mediated the avoidance, prevention, mitigation, or resolution of hundreds of other disputes and issues, both business-related and rights-related, including in relation to freedom of expression, property, and other rights.

Separately, he has also provided guidance to hundreds of team members, employees, managers, and executives regarding how to avoid, prevent, and reduce disputes and legal issues in the workplace and when dealing with outside parties. This guidance has taken the form of skills guidance, advice, training, mentoring, coaching, and teaching.

Wilson litigated for almost a decade at top law firms in based in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles (e.g., Gibson Dunn), preparing cases for mediation, arbitration, trial, and appeals. Before that, he clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit for two years.

His legal, negotiation, and dispute resolution experience ranges from individuals to Silicon Valley / creative startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

He practiced antitrust (pricing and competition), appellate, professional ethics, complex commercial litigation, and IP / intellectual property (trade secrets, copyright, more).

Some were smaller cases; some cases involved over 30 parties worldwide.

He received training in telephonic mediation from a state attorney general’s office, which used telephone mediation for consumer mediations with nationwide businesses, and he and has received about 150 hours of mediation and dispute resolution training in total, including court mediator training, on both coasts. He also served as a court adjunct mediator on two court rosters for several years.


In the past five years, Adam Wilson has also developed an emerging expertise in art-related issues. In addition to mediating, he practices art law, and he is also a successful visual and conceptual artist, with first-hand art, legal, and business experience in multiple art-related spaces, particularly in the New York, Los Angeles, and London markets. This includes art, business, and legal issues relating to private collectors, corporate collectors, art consultancies, art fairs, and third-party art vendors. Subject areas include protecting and exploiting intellectual property (IP), contracts, licensing, copyright, infringement, appropriation, first amendment, censorship, artist rights, moral rights, and more.


Board of Directors, The Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (


J.D., Stanford Law School, 1999. Stanford Law Review. Moot Court.

B.A., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1994.


For more about Adam Wilson’s art law practice, visit here.

For more about his work as a visual and conceptual artist, visit here.


Adam Wilson

(207) 699-9957


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