Cost / Fee / rates

  • Generally, a percentage of your own rate or your associate’s rate. Depending on your market, this usually comes to $125 to $350 per hour before any discounts:

  • Qualifying fee discounts / cost reductions for certain cases (e.g., contingency cases) and for certain attorneys (e.g., young solo attorneys just starting out and / or repeat volume business);

  • Flexibility to custom-tailor services and / or bill by the project / flat fee;

  • No charge to discuss scope, schedule, budget, and deliverable;

  • I guarantee on-time delivery, giving you sufficient time to file;

  • You provide access to Westlaw or Lexis for research purposes;

  • Payment is made by you, the lawyer, not your client.

The best way to cover all questions, and to see if there’s a good fit, is to talk by phone to discuss your needs.

Adam Wilson

(207) 699-9957