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If you are unsure whether you seek general services or legal services, feel free to contact me and I will guide you through the analysis, without providing any legal advice. To help with that, this disclaimer explains the clear distinction between my law practice and my separate general services, that is, my separate mediation, consulting, and other work. This disclaimer explains what must happen before I enter into an attorney-client relationships to provide legal advice. As this disclaimer shows, I do not enter into an attorney-client relationship, and I do not provide legal advice or representation, unless and until a specific letter agreement is signed by both parties. The elements of that letter are fully described below.

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Accordingly, absent such a letter, you agree that any communication(s), material(s), and/or information conveyed, in any form, necessarily relates to my mediation, consulting, or other non-legal general services, and is not legal advice, and does not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship.

My legal writing service is only for licensed attorneys and their law firms. It is not for the general public, and I do not provide legal writing services to pro se litigants or any other parties. When writing for licensed attorneys and their law firms, I do not provide legal advice to the lawyer’s client; my work does not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship with the lawyer’s client; and the the lawyer / law firm with whom I contract on a freelance / outsource basis is solely responsible for all use and advice arising from my work product.


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Please do not send any information to me or Adam Daley Wilson LLC in any form unless and until specifically requested. Information, materials, and communications are not privileged or confidential unless and until there is an attorney-client relationship, and, as discussed above, no such relationship forms absent limited circumstances arising form the above-referenced retention letter.

I am not specialized and I do not have any special certification or specialized expertise in art law, media law, or entertainment law, which, as explained on this site, are not one single area of law, but rather a blend of many areas of law, combined with industry norms. I do not and cannot promise any specific result in a case. I do not practice law or undertake an attorney-client relationship except where I am licensed and authorized to practice law. I do not practice law or advertise in any jurisdiction where it is prohibited.

When serving as a lawyer I provide advice and counseling; I do not provide litigation services except in certain specific circumstances when I serve as co-counsel.

In sum, my mediation, consulting, and other general services work does not provide legal advice, and it does not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship. I do not enter attorney-client relationships or provide legal advice or representation unless and until the mutually agreed-upon retention letter, described above, is complete. If you have any questions about these important distinctions, please contact me directly at (207) 699-9957.