Dispute Prevention

It’s the day-to-day habits of people — and their minute-to-minute to minute assumptions, actions, responses, and decisions — that lead to disputes and lawsuits.

It happens to all of us, from artists and creatives to startup founders to team members. And the result is is costly. You lose money, you’re taken away from your work, and good business relationships are damaged or destroyed.

Regardless of whether it is styled as guidance, advice, mentoring, coaching, or training, I provide an educational service to help you avoid disputes. It has three parts. First, I work with you to find out where you’re most at risk. Second, I educate you, substantively, on the relevant areas. Third, I give you tools and skills so that modify the habits, assumptions, actions, reactions, and decisions that are most apt to trigger disputes and lawsuits, tailored to your situation.

The service is highly-customized to your specific needs. There is no charge for the initial consultation to see if you need this service and to see if it’s a good fit.

Cost / Fees / Discounts

Generally, dispute prevention guidance costs $225 / hour. Substantial discounts, up to 50%, are available for qualifying individuals and entities such as students, emerging artists, and fledging startups). Sliding-scale, by-the-project, and flat rates are also available. Here again, let’s chat and find a structure that works.

The service is not legal advice; if you seek my services as an art lawyer, please reach me here.


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