Mentoring and Pro Bono

Practice Mentoring for Attorneys

  1. Overview

I offer law practice mentoring at an affordable rate.

Attorneys, particularly new attorneys, often lack access to mentors. This is true for solo practitioners as well as associates at law firms.

Yet mentoring is invaluable. Studies show that guidance — both in-person meetings and questions and answers by phone — helps new professionals improve skill sets, life-work balance, and executive functioning (practice management, efficiency, prioritization, and more). Mentored lawyers perform better. They handle the pressures of legal practice better. This benefits the attorney and the client.

For these reasons, and because I value diversity, inclusion, and equality, I believe mentoring should be accessible to all attorneys, both in-person and by telephone.

2. After Hours and Rapid-Response

Practice-related questions can arise at any time. My mentoring guidance is available during both business and non-business hours.

Upon receiving a call, email, or text, I can usually respond by phone within just a few hours.

The purpose is to be a useful resource and sounding board when you need it.


Generally: 65% of your own billable rate.

The service is flexible to suit your needs.

If you are looking for my writing fees, they are here.


(207) 699-9957

Pro Bono

I also believe in pro bono service. Each year when I practiced full-time, I worked on several federal court pro bono cases. These included federal class actions to protect civil rights and remedy discrimination. These also included constitutional law appeals in the federal circuit courts.

If my services would help with a similar pro bono matter that you are litigating, please contact me.