For Creatives + Artists: Rapid-Response Art-law-Business-Related Guidance


Sophisticated art-law-business-related guidance + advice for all creatives, artists, and creative entrepreneurs / startups at all career stages. Professional, responsive, fast answers to your questions. You can be anywhere in the world — U.S. and international.

How To Reach Me

  • (207) 699-9957 (mobile) — call / text

  • — email

  • IG @adamwilsonartlaw — DM / IG chat

  • Maine / Boston — located in the Arts District of Portland Maine, two blocks from the Portland Museum of Art.

How I Can Help

I’m a Stanford lawyer. I’m also an emerging artist.

I understand the questions and needs that you have. More on my experience here.

I help visual artists, photographers, musicians and bands, writers, designers — all kinds of creatives — with their questions about art-law-business.

I answer your questions directly. My response time is usually just a few hours or overnight.

You reach me by phone, email, text, or DM / chat. I respond by phone with sophisticated, specific advice as we talk.

You can be at any level or stage of your creative career. You can be anywhere in the world. And you can reach me practically any time.

Time / Cost / Discounts

Generally, rate is $100 / hour.

Many consults take just 15 to 30 minutes — $25 to $50.

Substantial discounts (up to 50%) and pro bono (free) guidance for qualifying individuals (such as students and emerging artists); let’s chat.

Payment is easy — Check, Wire, Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Topics + Examples

A full list of how I can help is here, including writing + editing help for applications, statements, lectures, and more.

Recent examples of questions I’ve answered / helped with:

  • A visual artist’s questions about pros and cons of incorporating;

  • A curator/artist’s questions about protecting other artists’ rights;

  • A visual artist’s questions about protecting her IP online;

  • A designer’s questions about protecting her IP rights;

  • A decorator’s questions about how to resolve a dispute;

  • A fashion model’s questions about rights to her images;

  • A visual artist’s questions about moral rights.


I truly get the goals + needs of artists + creatives — because I’m one too. More on my art is here.

I also get and understand the practical world at the intersection of art + business + law. In 20 years as a business lawyer + mediator, I’ve handled intellectual property (IP); copyrights; trade secrets; business litigation; mediation + negotiation of business disputes; pricing; competition; economics; and markets. More here.

Plus, in 6 years as a successful emerging artist, I’ve handled all kinds of contracts; licensing; IP protection; negotiations with art fairs + art consultants; contracts with private + corporate collectors; moral rights issues; business + marketing issues; and strategies for being a self-sufficient artist / creative.

I Want To Be Truly Useful To Fellow Artists

  • If you feel I didn’t add value, I won’t charge you;

  • If you need a specialist, I help you find one;

  • My work is based in honesty, integrity, trust, tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, and respect for all.

Some FAQs

  • What if I have only a very small question? That’s perfect; I answer it inexpensively on a quick call;

  • What if I have a complex question? Let’s briefly discuss for free; I’ll help you find an expert if it’s complex or unique.

  • Do you handle controversial issues? Yes — censorship, freedom of expression, defamation, libel, decency, obscenity, fair use, appropriation, infringement, and more.

  • Do you give legal advice? I am a lawyer, but I do not give legal advice here. See my disclaimer here and below. If you think you might need my services as an art lawyer, please visit that site here.

Creatives That I Serve

  • Visual — painters, sculptors, photographers, painting, fine art, graffiti, street art, installations, photography, conceptual art, sculpting, metal artists, video art;

  • Musical — musicians, bands, recording artists, singers, songwriters, composers, music videos, sound art; lyrics;

  • Writers — prose writers, poets, playwrights, literary artists, song lyrics writers, literature, poetry, plays, screenplays, fiction, non-fiction;

  • Performing artists — actors, dancers, speakers, television, movies, theater, New Genres;

  • Designers — graphic designers, interior designers, filmmakers, film + video editors, multimedia artists, animators, art directors, advertising, fashion designers, gaming designers, interior decorators.


  • My credentials as a lawyer and mediator are here.

  • My credentials as an artist are here.

Contact + Address

Adam Wilson

(207) 699-9957

Instagram @adamwilsonartlaw

The Historic Marlborough Building | 180 High St #14 | Portland Maine 04101 Two blocks from the Portland Museum of Art and one block from the Westin Harborview Hotel in the Arts District of downtown Portland Maine.


(c) 2019 Adam Wilson, Adam Daley Wilson LLC | Disclaimer

Summary of this service: As the disclaimer to this service explains, this service provides only non-legal advice and guidance for artists and creatives. It is a question and answer service regarding practical business-related issues for visual artists, musicians, bands, photographers, writers, designers, other creatives, and creative startups. It may also provide non-legal writing and editing services for artists and creatives. Please refer to my separate law practice page, at the below link, if you believe you have an issue relating to copyright, infringement, copying, photography of art, intellectual property, IP, contracts, incorporation, payments, commissions, disputes, lawsuits, mediation, dispute resolution, transport and shipping damage, damaged art, art fairs, art consultants, private or corporate collectors, or questions relating to art business, art marketing issues, social media, artists’ rights, moral rights, VARA, First Amendment rights, censorship, defamation, libel, obscenity, false light, payment disputes, gallery disputes, gallery contracts, artist legacies, artist estates, pricing art, licensing art, and/or licensing images, prints, or limited edition prints. This service is intended only to provide clear, non-legal answers to practical and business questions relevant to artists and creatives. In this service I do not provide legal advice, nor legal representation, nor do I enter into an attorney-client relationship, and this service is not performed in jurisdictions where it may be prohibited. To inquire about potentially becoming a legal client regarding a potential legal matter, please visit my separate law practice site, and please review all information on that separate law practice site, including that site’s separate disclaimer. Thank you.